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Artel MYTH represents a cycle of fire pyrotechnic and light show programs.

  Program «Four seasons»        

Presentation fire pyrotechnic show program of Artel MYTH brand.

Artists introduce the audience a unique world of fire art.

Fire pyrotechnic show program with elements of LED show.

Element of fire resists electric current. Special actors skills help spectators to penetrate by exciting confrontation of forces.


It's possible to see performance from all programs that you like most when you order combined show program.

Besides of represented Artel MYTH show programs you can order creating individual program which will represent a theme of your event.

An unique ability for brave spectators to become a partisipant of fire show program. A few previous training and performance on your holiday.


Guests will be pleasantly impressed to see their friends or colleagues as an actors of Artel MYTH show program.

Special dance on a special holiday. Forever will stay in memory of newlyweds.


LED show program


Dynamic choreography with diferent LED requisites harmony compared in special Light program by Artel MYTH.

  Program «Winter»        

Combined show program

Performance of spectators in fire show program

First wedding dance with fire requisites


Development of an individual show program