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 Living statues        

A genre of living statue is becoming more popular. Artel MYTH images have already visits a few European festivals and world championship in this genre.


To your attention catalog of living statues by Artel MYTH.

  Mr. Show Time        

Mr. Show Time t's unrepeatable figure of French organ grinder. Music plays and doll (inside street organ) begin to dance, when the sculpture is reviving.


Colour: bronze.

Style: realism.

Requisite: streat-organ, tobacco- pipe, suitcase-plinth.

  Mr. and mrs. Golden Steam        

Mr. and Mrs. Golden Steam. Characters show us originality and unrepeatability of Steam Punk style. Mrs Golden Steam performs with street organ that looks like gramophone. When music play, the sculpture is reviving.


Colour: copper.

Style: Steam Punk.

Requisite: suitcase-plinth, umbrella, street organ, stick.


Governor wonder spectators freezing in the air, bented under big corner.


Colour: silver.

Style: everyday.

Requisite: stick; suitcase-plinth.

  Assistant Governor        

Assistant Governor. The character of communicable Assistant Governor has a nice look both as in couple with Governor and alone.


Colour: red gold.

Style: everyday.

Requisite: stick.

  One Day From the Life of Ukrainians        

One Day From the Life of Ukrainians. The composition show characters of brave ukrainian man and delicate ukrainian woman.


Colour: dark blue (almost black).

Style: ethnic. 

Requisite: tobacco pipe, pitcher, rolling pin.


B-boySculpture of street dancer. Real old school hip-hop culture in modern world.


Colour: gold. 

Style: everyday.

Requisite: boombox.

  Levitating Aladin        

Levitating Aladin. Character of Aladin wonder by levitating skill- sitting in the air.


Colour: white with red gold.

Style: everyday.

Requisite: suitcase-plinth.


Mercury. God Mercury honored as a protector of handicrafts and trade by Romans.


Colour: silver.

Style: mythological.

Requisite: stick.

Concordia. Goddess Concordia in Old Roman mifology considered to be a protector of peace and mutual understanding of marriage.


Colour: white.

Style: mythological.

Requisite: olive stick, horn of prosperity, curbstone.


  Father Frost and Snow Maiden        

Father Frost And Snow maiden. Father Frost and Snow maiden will help to bring closer holiday mood and create fairy atmosphere around.


Colour: silver.

Style: classical.

Requisite: stick, bag.

Creating an image of a living statue in order

If images, which represented in Artel MYTH portfolio is not suitable to theme of your event or you have your own ideas, Artel myth will create absolutely new living statues on order.