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 Additional Services        

  Photoproject «Fire art»        


The fist time all wishing have opportunity to get photosession with fire from photographer Yurii Bosyi.

Artel MYTH will teach basic movements with fire requisites, inform about the rules of safe fire using, provide technical equipment of photo area and if necessary, help to find and embody an unique image for photosession.

  Decorative makeup        


Makeup created by own recipe. Absolutely not harmful to skin. Various color palette let to find makeup for any image.

Artel MYTH offer service of a qualified choreographer Yaroslava Onishchenko.



   - choreographic compositions of different styles;

   - graduation waltz;

   - first wedding dance;

   - individual composition with circus requisites (basic level).

  Choreographer service        


  Photographer service        

The photographer Yuriy Bosey may accompany the team of Artel MYTH on your holiday and make pictures of emotions from actors performances.

Also you can use photographer services for personal photosession.

Development and implementation of the image for the performance or photosession

The images of Artel MYTH actors always created by professional stylists, designers, makeup artists, hairdressers who always create an unique image special for you.